How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Small Business

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Small Business

Twitter has become one of the fastest and most effective methods of information delivery in the world. When a major world event occurs, it can become a “trending topic” within minutes and be seen by several million people across the globe. For companies fearful of negative press, this can be a somewhat intimidating fact. For those interested in spreading their business’ names far and wide in a short amount of time, however, Twitter is a very powerful tool.

Consider how some of the largest brands are using Twitter:

  • Delta Air Lines, Inc. While most brands use Twitter as a self-promotional tool, Delta’s @DeltaAssist is dedicated completely to customer service. Over a dozen employees monitor the account, answering user questions about delays, cancellations, and lost luggage.
  • McDonald’s. Have you ever wondered when the next McDonald’s Monopoly game was about to begin, so you could play along? Users following @McDonalds on Twitter never miss out about upcoming events, new products, and prize giveaways.
  • Levis. Want to know what’s better than your favorite pair of jeans? Getting them on sale. In today’s economy, Levis knows that great deals are what matters to consumers most. This is why the @Levis account is focused on tweeting about sales and photos of its apparel.
  • Oreos. @Oreos is often recognized as one of the most creative social media platforms today. Remember last year’s blackout during the Super Bowl? The company’s timely tweet is the prime example of the creative genius behind its marketing strategy.
  • Nike. If Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan wasn’t enough to motivate you, you might want to consider following the @Nike Twitter handle. Rather than post promotional content, the brand focuses on inspirational and uplifting tweets.

Both small businesses and major corporations alike can experience the benefits Twitter has to offer. Because it is time sensitive and speaks directly to consumers, it’s important to know how to use this platform wisely.

Offer Something of Value

Similar to the way the largest brands utilize Twitter, your business should look beyond simply posting promotional content. Remember, Twitter posts quickly come and go. Create an objective for your Twitter campaign and make sure each tweet contributes to it in some way. Do you want to post your latest sales, industry news, funny content, or provide great customer service? Regardless of your Twitter objective, each tweet must offer something of value to your followers for it to be effective.

Counting followers is a deceptive practice, because user engagement and tweet consistency are what matters most. It’s more efficient to have a few dedicated followers than a multitude who aren’t engaged at all.

 How is your brand targeting Twitter users?


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