The SEO Benefits of Blogging

The SEO Benefits of Blogging

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the technique website designers everywhere use to try and secure the highest search engine rankings and page views. There are many different methods that SEO employs, including writing to fool search engine crawlers, keyword stuffing, or sometimes writing organic content that interests viewers. Unfortunately, this last method is the one that takes the most time and effort, and is therefore used the least.

Writing organic content is known by another name: blogging. Companies that maintain an active blog are able to continuously upload new and interesting content to the web, and with every upload, they add new links to encourage customers to visit their page. Below are some of the secret benefits of blogging for greatest SEO effect:

  • More pages: Each blog post is a separate web page, and increases the number of keywords on your site without resorting to keyword stuffing or posting duplicate content. Increasing original content on your site is a great way to ascend the search engine ranks.
  • More links: With every new blog, you can link to previous blogs or other pages on your website, increasing the numbers of links to your pages. One of the criteria by which search engine spiders rank pages is the number of links leading to and away from that page.
  • New content: Search engines like fresh content, and blogs allow businesses to upload a variety of new content. Content doesn’t have to be tied to the homepage of the business either; as a blog, the topics can be more far-ranging than one would expect to see on a typical website.
  • Social Media: Blogs are some of the most shared literature in social media, and having a fun new blog every week can ensure your page will receive wide social media coverage. The more posts you write and the more people you reach, the higher your viewership and eventually the higher your rankings.
  • Engage with customers: Blogs are a great opportunity for a company or business to develop a voice and a personality for customers to engage. Web pages on a company website often need to remain focused on giving information to customers and are unable to develop a unique voice customers find interesting or funny.

Blogs can be more varied than web pages in terms of the information they cover and the tone in which that information is addressed. Blog posts allow business owners to engage with customers in a humorous or more lighthearted way while still dispensing valuable information.


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