PPC vs. Social Media Ads: Which is Best for Your Brand?

PPC vs. Social Media Ads: Which is Best for Your Brand?

In the ideal world, we wouldn’t worry about marketing budgets and could invest in every type of ad campaign. The reality is only so much money can be spent on marketing and sometimes, difficult decisions must be made. Choosing between PPC advertising on Google or social media ads is a major point of contention for small businesses with limited budgets.

PPC, or pay per click, is a type of advertising on Google that posts links and advertisements as sponsored material every time particular keywords are queried. If a web surfer clicks on the advertisement to a company’s page, that company pays the search engine a fee.

Social media ads are similar in that social media sites are paid when users click on sponsored advertisements. Social media ads show up on specific pages based on users’ age, gender, and interests instead of a keyword. Below are some tips for choosing an effective marketing style with this form of advertising:

  • Know your audience: Social media ads allow marketers to target a much more specific audience, wherein the marketer knows the age, gender, location, and other factors about the user. Thus, the marketer can advertise to a very specific group of people.  While PPC is improving its demographic targeting, it’s not nearly as refined as social media advertising.
  • Reach a large audience: Social media will never be able to match the number of people that use Google every day; as such, Google PPC ads will have higher visibility, making specific knowledge about the customer irrelevant.
  • Social media advertisements are just like content: When it’s difficult to discern a social media ad from regular social media content, the marketers are doing their jobs well. People may tend to avoid obvious advertisements on social media, but because of the nature of posting and reposting, ads can become trending content in a matter of seconds.
  • Price: Social media advertising tends to be slightly cheaper than PPC on Google. Furthermore, the price of PPC advertising on Google may go up exponentially for advertisements linked to highly competitive keywords.
  • Time considerations: The average time a person spends on a Facebook page is far greater than the amount of time spent on a Google search page. This makes Facebook, or another social media site like Twitter, a far better medium for increasing brand awareness and familiarity.
  • The click through rate on social media advertising is lower than on Google PPC ads. Google has the ability to tell the location, date, and time of a search, which allows it to customize advertising in much the same way that social media ads market according to location, gender, and age of the user.

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