Measure Site Activity With Google Analytics

Ever wonder how many people visit your web site? What content they are looking at? How they found out about you? You’ll want to check out Google Analytics. This free tool provides web site owners with in-depth analysis of visitor activity with literally dozens of reports and easy to understand graphics.

Getting started is easy. Just sign into Google Analytics and enter some basic information about your web site. Google will instantly create “code” that you (or your web developer) can easily add to your existing web site so that report data can be gathered automatically in real time. Please note that Google Analytics reports are generally about 24 hours behind, so it will be a day or so before become available.


Author Bio

Chris Caputo is the owner and operator of MetroMediaWorks, a digital development firm serving South Florida. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Business Administration. His past jobs titles include Vice President, Technology for 944 Magazine and Director of Technology for Mirabel Technologies. He has over a decade of experience in internet space. Chris' passion is for finding a smart, faster, most cost effective way to get the job done. In his spare time, he is an avid runner, cyclist and coder.

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