How to Improve Online Customer Service

How to Improve Online Customer Service

An optimized website contributes to the consumer experience, ensuring that every interaction with your brand is as meaningful as possible. The only sure-fire way to create loyal customers is to treat them well, so it’s vital your online service is as vibrant as your online marketing. Below you’ll find several tips for improving your online customer service:

1. Keep in touch: Check in with customers on a regular basis with monthly emails, keeping your customers updated on the newest items in stock and determining if there is anything the customer might need. Engaging the customer regularly shows you care about customer service and positive client experiences.

2. Thank longtime customers: The customers who stay loyal to your business for years deserve your thanks. Without them, you would not be in business. Letting your customers see that you appreciate them is important.

3. Address negative reviews: If your clients are unsatisfied and take the time to explain why in a review, your duty to that customer is to read the review and fix the problem. Let your customers know you will make every effort to keep them happy, and then show them you mean it.

4. Make it possible for your entire team to help customers: If you have only one or two customer service agents, then train and educate the rest of your staff on how to address customer service issues. There is no reason why every member of your team should not be able to help customers with their problems in the event the people designated to do that job are unavailable.

5. Use social media: The widespread adoption of social media has made communication between customer and company easier than ever before, and this tool is too valuable to waste. Engaging your customers in a continuous dialogue is a great way to let them know you are invested in them, even as they continue to invest in your business.

6. Request feedback: Don’t just wait for the unsatisfied customers to write reviews — make a forum available and encourage reviews from all customers. People like to know their opinion is valued and wanted, and showing customers you value their opinions indicates you value the customers, themselves.

7. Build brand community: Encourage communication and dialogue between customers, so your website and your brand become tools that bring people together. Your brand should be more than just a product people buy; you want people to identify your business with a culture or mindset. Outdoor equipment brands are particularly good at this type of community building.


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