Facebook Home and Your Small Business

While industry analysts are wild about Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement on Facebook Home, the short term affect on small business isn’t entirely clear.

Any time something of this magnitude hits the market, our clients are immediately interested in what they need to know.

Here some highlights you should be aware of:

  • This isn’t a “Facebook Phone.”  Instead, it’s a customized version of the Android operating system that has been modified extensively to make Facebook the core of the users experience with the phone.  For example, upon turning on the phone, users will see Facebook updates cover the entire screen and have the ability to interact with news feed items with simple gestures.
  • Facebook Home is only available for Android.  Google’s Android operating system, which has steadily increased its market share over Apple’s iOS operating system, is extremely customizable. Android’s inherent flexibility made it possible for Facebook to release a customized version of the operating system.  Facebook Home will come pre-installed on the HTC First, which will retail for $99.  Users with newer Android phones will be able to download Facebook Home from Google’s app store on April 12.
  • Facebook Home isn’t likely to available for Apple iPhone anytime soon.  Apple tightly controls its operating system in order to ensure a uniform user experience, and therefore, Facebook Home would be difficult to replicate on the iOS platform based on Apple’s current software development kit (SDK).


There are some interesting ways Facebook Home may impact small business:

  • If your business is already advertising on Facebook, expect even more impressions to come from mobile devices.  More impressions will likely translates into more clicks, and therefore, more users visiting your Facebook Page (or web site) from their mobile device.  Small business owners should ensure that their web site works well from mobile phones to ensure web sites continue to generate results.
  • If your business isn’t advertising on Facebook, now may be the time to start.  This level of integration into users mobile devices will most likely give Facebook access to additional information, such as the user’s current location, more often.   Having accurate location information will make it possible for Facebook to show geo targeted ads to customers viewing content near your business.  Of course, geo targeted ads are just the surface of what additional type of targeting will be possible as a result of Facebook Home taking over users mobile phone.


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