Creating Engaging and Shareable Content for Facebook

Creating Engaging and Shareable Content for Facebook

If your recent total reach on Facebook is worse than quarters past, you’re not alone. Facebook’s algorithm changes coupled with increased brand competition have resulted in deteriorating total reaches since July 2012. More competition and limited attention means brands will only achieve 6.51 percent reach per fan compared to 16 percent two years ago.

Instead of complaining about your Facebook reach, it’s time to take action and begin creating shareable content for fans. This increases social media ROI while improving the likelihood of targeting new fans. Consider:

  1. Utilizing humor. Instead of focusing on self-promotional posts, use Facebook to engage brands with clean, industry-related humor. While consumers might not remember your jokes or the specific content posted, humor creates an emotional connection with consumers. Fans are more likely to share humorous posts with their friends, which in-turn increases your total reach.
  2. Cross-promoting your blog. Since overly promotional posts turn off consumers, it’s important to provide content of value. The easiest way to do this is to cross promote your business blogs on your Facebook page. Aside from channeling traffic to the blog, you provide useful information that fans can use.  In addition to sharing it on your business page, be sure to share the post to your own personal timeline.
  3. Posting images. Photos get 39 percent more interaction than text-only posts, and every interaction increases the total reach of the particular post. Further, simply posting a picture with a link to the website results in 84 percent more click-throughs. Frequent inclusion of photographs on your Facebook feed will likely boost traffic to your website and increase opportunity for customer interactions. While it’s fine to post clever captions for images, self-explanatory pictures tend to perform the best.
  4. Asking questions. Simply encouraging fans to respond to a post could be the difference between some customer interaction and none. By keeping questions short, you may enjoy up to 66 percent more engagement than typical posts. Remember, in the Twitter age where messages are constricted to 140 characters, short form content thrives. Even though Facebook is a separate social platform that allows for longer posts, utilizing short, concise questions is a very effective way to connect to your potential audience.
  5. Discovering when your fans are online. By posting frequently, you’ll likely discover the times when your fans are online and engaging with your brands most often. Are there certain days or times of the day when people seem to respond to posts? A post at 2 am is going to naturally garner less attention than a post at 2 pm. In general, traffic is higher on Thursdays and Fridays. Is this true for your brand?

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to expand the total reach of your brand.

Are you reaching your target audience effectively?


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