Connected Customers: How Mobile Loyalty Apps Pay Off for Retailers

Connected Customers: How Mobile Loyalty Apps Pay Off for Retailers

For years, loyal customers have been rewarded for their tenth punch on cards stashed in wallets. Sifting through a stack of flimsy cardstock loyalty cards is becoming antiquated as many local and franchised companies are stepping into the future, and taking their most loyal customers with them. Mobile Customer Loyalty Apps are a one-stop-shop for a busy, twenty-first century shopper and an invaluable tool for retailers looking to grow their businesses.

Benefits for Retailers and Shops

  • Customer Traffic. Loyalty apps are a great way to intrigue new customers and incentivize them to return.
  • Testimonials. Apps like this encourage customers to boast about their experiences and purchases at specific stores and restaurants. Customers are then rewarded for their loyalty as positive feedback is spread across newsfeeds for maximum exposure.
  • Built-In Marketing Tools. All of these apps are intrinsically connected to social media platforms and mobile devices, earning the exposure every business needs. Proper participation and utilization of these apps can put a company’s marketing campaign on autopilot as customers are tweeting and posting about purchases and checking in as they shop.
  • Analytics. Apps like Belly and Perka, among others, allow a business to track customer data which can be used to send out specifically-targeted communications and special offers. Data can also be harvested to analyze spending trends.

Benefits for Customers

  • Incentives. Apps like shopkick will reward customers just for stopping by while others like Perka and Punchcard function like loyalty cards, earning freebies and deals for repeat customers. Both options guarantee savings for customers who frequent the participating establishments (which include big names like Macy’s, and local stores too).
  • Reviews. Want to know which store is housing the better deals, or which new pizza place to try? Loyalty apps like the veteran Foursquare and its up-and-coming counterparts allow customers and patrons to check-in to where they are shopping or eating, and then rate or reflect on the experience. Some apps allow customers to specifically post about their purchases, which can give friends and followers the inside scoop on where to buy or what to order.
  • Convenience. Gone are the days of shuffling through a stack of punch cards, only to find that the one needed is missing. With apps like Punchcard and others, customers can use their mobile devices to earn rewards. The app connects customers to social media platforms to share.

Getting Started

There are two approaches to mobile loyalty apps.   Some customers, such as Village Pub and Downtown Bicycles have elected to have MetroMediaWorks develop their own custom mobile loyalty app to achieve the most personalized connection with a client.  Alternatively, business owners can choose from an “off the shelf” mobile loyalty platform app.  Mobile Customer Loyalty Apps such as shopkickBellyPunchcard and more are gaining popularity as they offer benefits for retailers and customers alike.

MetroMediaWorks is a full service digital development agency with extensive mobile app development experience. Custom, branded loyalty apps for your business are available from MetroMediaWorks from $49/mo.     For a free quote, contact us.




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