Common SEO Mistakes

Common SEO Mistakes

Without hiring a professional SEO consultant, many small businesses make innocent online marketing mistakes that backfire and damage marketing efforts. Since performing well in search results is critical to business success, it’s important to ensure nothing is hindering your rankings. Below is a list of the most common SEO mistakes, and ways to avoid them:

  • Unfocused keywords: When keywords don’t focus on content, they are useless. Keywords should be the main focus of the content on your page, and if they are unfocused or too long, they will not be effective in SEO. A professional internet marketing firm with experience can write content with proper keyword usage or could teach you how to write the content yourself.
  • Ignoring local searches: One in every three Google searches is focused on a location, and adding your business’ location as a keyword will help increase your page rankings in geo-specific searches. Many businesses do not think about focusing on a specific locale, and would benefit from an experienced company like MetroMediaWorks.
  • Duplicate content: Posting duplicate content is something many websites do to try and increase the volume of well written content on their page. Search engine algorithms recognize and potentially remove sites that post duplicate content. Using an internet marketing firm can help companies find better ways to improve their rankings.
  • Java and Flash sites: While these sites may have nice graphics and animation, they take a long time to load and cannot be read by search engine spiders. Having some Flash or Java on your site is not a bad thing, as long as there is a large amount of content that can be accessed by crawlers in order to be ranked favorably.
  • Replacing content with images: Graphics that use a cool font may be amenable to viewers; however, they aren’t readable by search engines. Having content that can be accessed by a crawler is far better than posting content embedded in an image, where it decreases your SEO rankings.
  • Ignore Social Media: Some business owners eschew social media because they don’t consider it worth the time; but what they don’t realize is that social media sites raise your visibility on the web. You improve SEO and have multiple opportunities to link back to your website when using social media.  We’ve documented the benefits of using Google+ for SEO reasons.
  • No new content: Posting new content is vital to ensuring visitors continue coming to your site.  Return visits will improve your search engine rankings.   Google favors sites that regularly post new, fresh content.  You can use a blog as a way to keep your site fresh and current.

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