Facebook Home and Your Small Business

While industry analysts are wild about Mark Zuckerberg's recent announcement on Facebook Home, the short term affect on small business isn't entirely clear. Any time something of this magnitude hits the market, our clients are immediately interested in what they need to know. Here some highlights you should be aware of: This isn't a "Facebook Phone."  Instead, it's a customized… read more →

Sun Trolley Tracker Wins Travel Choice’s Award For Innovative Programs

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – On Friday March 15th 2013, the University of South Florida named the Sun Trolley Tracker App as the winner of the Innovative Program award for 2013.  The award will be presented to the Sun Trolley Marketing Team, Leadership Broward, and Metro Media Works who all worked in a joint effort in the launch of the app.… read more →

Why Google+ Matters: SEO

While Google+ has been called a "Facebook Killer," the jury is still out on whether or not G+ will eventually overtake Facebook as the leading social network pervasive in all of our every day lives. In light of the most recent changes to Facebook interface, some users are flocking to Google's simpler, easier to use social network. Personally, I think… read more →

Use Your Chamber Membership To Improve Your Google Ranking

As a member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, you've probably already experienced membership's many benefits including networking opportunities, educational workshops, and area discounts. One benefit you may not have been aware of, however, is how being a member of the Chamber can help your business's web site rank higher on Google's search engine result pages.

Avoid Copyright Infringement in Web Design

Those who create a website for personal or business use are often not aware of the restraints posed by the use of text and graphics they may find elsewhere on the Internet. Copyright, for many, has to do with print books and other printed material. It may never occur to those new to web design that copyright laws apply or… read more →

Business Pages Now Available on Google+

Look out, Facebook, Google+ is now offering Google+ Pages! If your business has been around for any amount of time, and you're remotely interested in social media, you've probably are set up a Page for your business on Facebook.  Facebook pages allow you to connect, communicate, and engage with the public, unlike personal Facebook accounts that are designed to help you stay connected to… read more →

Measure Site Activity With Google Analytics

Ever wonder how many people visit your web site? What content they are looking at? How they found out about you? You'll want to check out Google Analytics. This free tool provides web site owners with in-depth analysis of visitor activity with literally dozens of reports and easy to understand graphics. Getting started is easy. Just sign into Google Analytics… read more →

The Growth of Bing

If you're not familiar with Bing, Microsoft's new venture into search, you will be soon.   Launched just a month ago, Bing has already achieve a 7.3% market share.   While this doesn't compare to Google's 62.8% market share, industry experts agree that Bing poses a significant threat to Google in the future.   Within the past week, Microsoft inked a deal with… read more →