Bad Reviews Provide Opportunities for Prepared Brands

Bad Reviews Provide Opportunities for Prepared Brands

User reviews have become a valuable part of online marketing. Positive reviews direct customers towards your products and services, while negative feedback can leave you stumbling to recover. However, every company makes mistakes. While it used to be easy to gloss over them and move on, the internet has created transparency. Any customer can post a bad review and put your business in a tight spot. But the most important part is how you respond.

Respond Quickly

If your company receives a bad online review (as it likely will at some point), it is crucial that your team responds in a prompt, professional, apologetic manner. If you are able to address the issue and reverse the problem, bad press can quickly become good press.

Learn Something

When your company finds legitimate complaints, it allows you to improve the business. While it’s possible the issue resulted from an honest accident, it’s more likely a consequence of bad business practices. Use these reviews to improve company operations.

Highlight Positives

While negative reviews are no fun, they can allow you the opportunity to highlight the positive aspects of your business. Respond to negative reviews in an apologetic, yet confident, way. After addressing the issue, gently offset the negatives with positives of your company.

Keep Things in Perspective

You can easily overwhelm negative reviews with positive ones. While it’s much more likely someone will post a review after a negative experience than a positive one, don’t fret. Instead, take action. Consider offering some sort of bonus for posting reviews after a transaction. This can help increase engagement and encourage positive reviews.

Negative reviews don’t have to be a death sentence for your company. By responding in a swift, calculated manner, your company can turn bad reviews into positive marketing opportunities.



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