Avoid Copyright Infringement in Web Design

Those who create a website for personal or business use are often not aware of the restraints posed by the use of text and graphics they may find elsewhere on the Internet. Copyright, for many, has to do with print books and other printed material. It may never occur to those new to web design that copyright laws apply or even what is or is not copyrighted material and what this means as they create their web design.

When trying to ensure that their website gets traffic, they may use material such as illustrations, charts, photos and text they find on other web sites. While this may seem harmless, it could potentially lead to copyright infringement charges. Copyright comes into play as soon as text or a picture is created. Pictures and text used on the web sites of others cannot be used without permission and, often, without paying for the privilege.

It is very easy to search the Internet for just that right graphic, download it, and utilize it on your own website. You may believe it is OK because others have done the same thing. This is not the case! Someone owns that graphic and you have no right to appropriate it without express permission from the owner. The same goes for using or passing on that really good article you find and want to use for SEO purposes by cutting and pasting it in your own blog post. It, too, is copyrighted and permission must be granted before you have the right to put it up on your website.

Those who seek to design their own websites don’t always understand copyright laws nor how to use search engine optimization (SEO) in order to draw traffic to their website. That’s where the services of professionals comes in. However if you hire a company, make sure they understand copyright laws and will guarantee all text and graphics used on your website do not break copyright laws.

MetroMediaWorks out of Fort Lauderdale understands your need for a well designed website that includes intriguing text and graphics that enhance the overall appearance and tone of the website. This Ft Lauderdale business has the experience and knowledge required to create a website that doesn’t infringe on the copyrights owned by others.

MetroMediaWorks of Fort Lauderdale understands customers are liable for items used for which permission has not been granted. They take particular care that the designs they use will not lead to accusations of copyright infringement.


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Chris Caputo is the owner and operator of MetroMediaWorks, a digital development firm serving South Florida. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Business Administration. His past jobs titles include Vice President, Technology for 944 Magazine and Director of Technology for Mirabel Technologies. He has over a decade of experience in internet space. Chris' passion is for finding a smart, faster, most cost effective way to get the job done. In his spare time, he is an avid runner, cyclist and coder.

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