About Us Page Ideas: Crafting The Perfect Company Profile

About Us Page Ideas: Crafting The Perfect Company Profile

The average visitor to your website will decide within five seconds whether or not to continue looking, and those who remain are looking for a compelling reason to become a customer. You can make it easier for them using a knockout About Us page.  We’ve compiled a list of seven about us page ideas that will help you turn surfers into customers.

Why Companies Need Killer About Us Pages

For most businesses, the About Us page is one of the most frequently visited sections of their website. Why? Because people don’t just wish to buy a product or service; they want to know who they are buying it from. E-commerce exists in a virtual environment, so customers often feel like they are sending their sensitive information into the digital ether when they make purchases. By telling them more about your company, you remind them they are doing business with actual human beings.

Unfortunately, numerous small businesses have trouble coming up with an About Us page that accurately reflects their company’s character, culture, and unique appeal. They often resort to short, keyword-laced paragraphs that could describe any company. This is not the point of an About Us page; the point is to differentiate your business from your competitors!

Seven Important About Us Page Ideas

With the right components, effective About Us pages produce results.  Here are seven about us page ideas that will help you develop the right content for your small business.

  • Establish credibility. Besides showing the viewer your company consists of actual human beings, the About Us page should display any relevant certifications or accolades.
  • Answer the 5 W’s. Your About Us page should answer the “who, what, when, where, and why” of your company’s mission.
  • Quantify results. Use specific data regarding what your company can do to meet customer needs.
  • Show, don’t tell. Instead of inundating the reader with adjectives about your company, paint a picture of how you’re different.
  • Be honest. If you run a small start-up, don’t try to deliver the services or experiences a major corporation might offer. Focus on what unique characteristics might draw in your target audience.
  • Post great photos. Don’t bother with stock photos! Your About Us page should only contain photos of your business, including staff, facilities, and whatever else you want to feature. Candid and dynamic staff photos showcase the unique personalities of your team.
  • Present a “living snapshot.” Creating your About Us page is only the beginning. When essential information about your company changes – including locations, staff, and product offerings – so should this page.

Although crafting an inviting and informative About Us page takes work, it will result in visitors who better understand your company and feel more confident about becoming customers. Use your About Us page to present the best and most captivating elements of your business, and expect conversion rates to soar.

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