7 Reasons To Consider A Mobile App For Your Business

7 Reasons To Consider A Mobile App For Your Business

Mobile apps are a part of everyday life, keeping consumers engaged with brands while on the move. While it’s tempting to associate mobile apps with big name corporations, even small businesses can harness the power of mobile marketing. Since investing in a mobile app is a major commitment, it’s critical to evaluate whether it would be beneficial for your business. Below is a list of 7 signs that a mobile app may be right for you:

1. Customer service and support: Mobile apps can make it easier and more efficient for users to get in touch with and contact companies for any reason. For example, some apps used by financial institutions allow their clients to deposit checks digitally by taking a picture of the check and sending it in via the mobile app.

2. Easier to have an online store: If you have an online store or online purchasing options, a mobile app displays a catalog of products and prices for your company and makes online shopping easier than ever. No matter what the situation, you will have an option for customers to buy your products 24/7 without ever leaving your house!

3. Young target audience: In 2014, 90% of Americans own a cell phone, and over 50% own a smart phone. Because of this frequency of use, not having a mobile app is often perceived as a disadvantage. Further, if your target audience is younger than 65, 50% of your customers own a smart phone and are likely to download new apps.

4. Promotions: One of the most common uses of a mobile app is to offer promotions to customers. If your customer base is largely tech savvy, offering discounts, coupons, and other savings via a mobile app is a great way to increase the number of people who download the app.

5. Mobile customer base: If your customer base is constantly on the move rushing from place to place to get things done, then a mobile app is perfect. It allows you to interact with your customer base even while they are waiting in line to do the hundred other things they had planned for the day.

6. Cost vs. Benefit: Designing a mobile app can be expensive, but it can also lead to much higher revenues. If you have an active and mobile customer base, you should pay for the mobile app.

7. Partnering possibilities: If a similar company is developing an app you could use, partner with them to increase your collective customer bases and to make sure your company doesn’t get left behind.


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