7 Mobile App Marketing Tips Anyone Can Understand

7 Mobile App Marketing Tips Anyone Can Understand

Are you frustrated trying to market your mobile app? If so, you have good reason. Today, there are over 1 million apps available for iOS alone; the figure for Android devices is equally impressive. To put this into perspective, there are more apps available for download than there are people living in Nashville, Seattle, or even Boston! Yikes!

Proven Mobile App Marketing Tips

While getting customers and potential clients to download your app can be a challenge, careful planning yields success. To be successful at mobile app marketing, businesses like yours must:

  1. Prioritize the pricing model. The most popular apps follow a “freemium” model, where consumers download the app for free but pay for premium services in the app. “Freemium” apps are generally the most profitable, according to Business Insider. Still, if you decide to charge for app downloads, consider debuting the app at one price and then discounting it. Mobile deals result in a huge spike in downloads.
  2. Harness your social network. If you’re developing a mobile app for your business, chances are that you already have a robust social media presenceIf not, then what are you waiting for?! Social media marketing is extremely cost effective and allows you to market to your most loyal fans over and over again. When it comes to promoting your new mobile app, you’ll want to target your social followers first.
  3. Reward mobile customers. Why should people download your app in the first place? Today, consumers are weary of spam mail and buggy apps. By providing a functional and engaging app (throwing in a few coupons doesn’t hurt, either!), consumers will more readily engage your app.
  4. Organic marketing. Similar to SEO for webpages, it’s important to understand how rankings work and differ in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Organic marketing will help your app rank for users searching for your service.
  5. Carefully consider names, keywords. What you name your app and the keywords used in your app description will tremendously impact your organic marketing. Select a name that entices users and indicates the purpose of your app while utilizing keywords that trigger store algorithms.
  6. Create an opt-out option. This might seem counter intuitive, pressing you to ask, “Why should I make an opt-out option when I want people to opt-in?” The reality, however, is that today’s consumers are very particular about the marketing messages they receive. Some individuals want weekly updates whereas others only want to hear from your brand sparingly. Either way, offer a simple way for users to optimize the messages they receive from you. If you don’t, they may completely unsubscribe in the long run.
  7. Keep your users happy. Loyal customers are key to building an app empire. The happier your customers are, the better your bottom line will be!

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