Five Ways to Build Your Email List

Five Ways to Build Your Email List

Countless hours and extraordinary amounts of money and energy are often put forth in an attempt to create the perfect marketing campaign, yet this is not an efficient or effective plan. The following 5 strategies will help build your email list while expending almost no energy on developing an active campaign:

Product Catalogues

A product catalogue lets your partners and clients know what you have, how much you’re selling it for, and how they can get it. Offering free catalogues to clients or prospective customers who give their name and email is like immediately thanking them by giving them ways to more efficiently explore their options. You also improve your email list with every customer who accepts a catalogue!

Coupons and Discounts

Offering long term discounts to your potential customers creates a win-win situation. Customers will be required to give their email in order to proceed past the landing page and receive the discount or coupon, and you can send emails informing them of other sales or discount opportunities. Keeping the landing page active for a long time will generate more hits and page-views than with a host of short-lived landing pages.

Instruction Booklets

By sending out instruction booklets and how-to guides, you create interested customers. Make the landing page SEO optimized and only accessible through submitting an email address to trade the customer a how-to manual for an email address.


Ebooks take time and money to produce, but will yield a high return on investment. Write an ebook with good content, a catchy title, and impressive cover art, and make it accessible via a landing page. Make sure customers are drawn to your CTA and the option to enter an email address to receive a free ebook. Direct web traffic to your landing page as much as possible!

Free Trials

Offering a free trial is a surefire way to gain interest in your products. If your customers like what they see, they can quickly and easily purchase more. If they don’t like it, you at least have their attention and their email address. Send periodic emails offering trials or discounts of other products to convert your potential customers into paying consumers!



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