3 Reasons to Keep Your Website Updated and How to Do it

3 Reasons to Keep Your Website Updated and How to Do it

You’ve finished designing your website and building content, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to close the file. Keeping your website updated is important in the ever-changing digital world. It’s how you stay above the competition in a highly saturated marketplace. Here’s why, and how, you should do it.

Stay Fresh on Google

Google algorithms are always being updated in their search methods. Every year, Google adds rules and regulations as to how websites are found and evaluated. As a general rule, however, search engines are much more likely to find your content if it’s brand new. Fresh content will be favored in ranking and will be displayed on the first few pages of results.

Establish Reliability

A continually updated website shows dedicated to your business and its success. Older websites and stale content will turn off consumers faster than a 404 page. Make sure your website is up to date and optimized for usability. This rings true for your content, as well. Try to publish something new on your site at least every other week.

Bring in New Customers

Aside from ranking higher on search engines, fresh content will resonate with new customers on a personal level. People are more likely to notice social media posts and blogs if you’re known for publishing interesting and trendy topics. Publish enough interesting content, and you may even be featured on another company’s blog or social post.

Now that you know why you should keep your website fresh, here’s how to do it right:

  • Show off your industry knowledge with news reports. No matter your industry, there are always ways to find new and interesting news posts to share. Did you recently attend an industry event? Has there been a scientific breakthrough that affects your industry? Did a high level CEO retire? Look for news like this and others, and report them in a way that demonstrates your expertise.
  • Use customer reviews to promote your brand. If you don’t have a testimonial section, you should seriously consider adding one. Customer reviews are a great way to promote your business because they establish trust through a third party, which is more effective than telling someone how great you are, yourself. A testimonial section allows you to continually add new, positive content.
  • Incorporate a blog if you haven’t already. Blogs are versatile, shareable, and easy to create. They allow you to become a voice of your industry and build your brand personality. Whether you already have one or not, keep it updated as much as possible. Even weekly posts can be highly effective at bringing in new customers and engaging existing ones.

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